Installations > Unsewing Inequalities (2011) presented in "Los desalojados, colectiva de los artistas moradores del área", Museo de Arte de Caguas. Curated by Elsa María Meléndez

In our era, considered by many as a post-feminist era, in which the goals of feminism have been achieved and women have made virtually the same level of education than men, yet it happens that women participate less in the labor market and their jobs are the least paid.

The wage gap between men and women are still quite significant in most countries. The unemployment rate is almost always higher for women and participation of women in the labor market remains well below that of men. In the United States, women receive 70 cents for every dollar earned by men with similar educational level.

The objective of this installation project is to comment on gendered inequality in the workplace and the struggle that still exists in the 21 st century for equality.